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Tcases Wholesale Dropship Service

Wouldn't it be great to only purchase products that you have already sold? With our wholesale dropship service, now you can.

Here's how it works:

  • Your company sells a product to one of your online customers.
  • Once you have a completed order, you purchase the product from
  • After we receive payment, we ship the product directly to your customer and you keep the profit.

As your wholesale dropshipper Tcases will ship the product in a timely manner, and will not include any of our own promotional material. This allows you to outsource inventory, reducing a large portion of your start-up cost, and reducing risk. Our wholesale dropship service makes it easier than ever to start your own online business. There are many wholesale drop ship companies but most of them will charge a service fee. We are a free dropshipper meaning there are zero fees to take up our service. Whether you are looking for a eBay supplier or simply drop shipping company for your own website you have found it! On top Tcases provide exceptional service, so do not delay start your business today!


Wholesale Drop Shipping FAQ

How to achieve a Dropship Status?
In order to get a dropship status you will need to purchase a minimum of $US1000 worth of orders and your account will automatically switch to dropship status.
What are the major benefits of having Dropship Status with Tcases?
  • Dropship status means that you will be a member of an exclusive VIP club.
  • Personalized discount across our products ranging from 5% - 40%.
  • Dedicated Customer Service representatives.
  • "We ship within 3 working days or we ship free" promise.
How can i start placing dropship orders with Tcases?
Simply create an account. It's absolutely free. You can start dropshipping right away, but you will not start benefiting from dropship discounts until your orders reach $US 1000.
What are the different shipping methods you have available?
We use DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS, Hong Kong Post as shipping companies.
Do you provide shipment tracking codes?
Absolutely. Once your order amount is up to $25.00, we will update it with the tracking number.
Is there a way to know how many units do you have in stock? How do I know a product is out of stock?
We will set the products to out of stock if they are unavailable, but we recommend to check the availability by email.
Can i use images and descriptions from your website?
Yes you can use the descriptions and pictures on our website.

Still have questions? Contact Us today and our friendly team will more then happy to answer you questions.