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Q: Reasons to choose Tcases Online Shop?

A:  1. Everyday Low Prices

Chinese wholesale products are undoubtedly inexpensive, but here at, we’ve taken the initiative to go one step further for you – we try our best to get the products we offer right from their manufacturers at below wholesale price. We have direct contact with the people who produce high quality China-made Apple & Samsung Accessories and more, so we can be sure that the products we deliver to you are of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost!

2. 100% Secure Shopping Experience  --  With Correct Shipping Address & Phone Number

With the proliferation of hackers trying to steal personal and credit information for their own personal gain, we know that security is your biggest concern when it comes to shopping anywhere online, and because of that, it is our biggest concern, as well. Our Paypal-verified site uses highly secure and advanced GeoTrust SSL Encryption so that you can shop with us certain that your personal information will not be abused!

3. Comprehensive Product Selection

With the unparalleled selection of items available from wholesalers in China, there’s really no end to the products we can offer – from a diverse array of cheap cases to home décor to health and beauty products. We’ve refined the selection so that only the best products that our Chinese manufacturers have to offer are brought to the forefront while keeping our catalog of products rich so that we can cater to your individual needs.

4. Worldwide Drop Shipping Service

We understand that running a drop shipping service comes with a considerable set of risks. We do our best to make sure that orders from our drop shipping customers and business partners are given the highest priority for the quick and safe delivery of goods, allowing you to grow your business quickly and efficiently. Best of all, our drop shipping rates are available to you without the expensive membership fees required by other suppliers!

5. No Delay Shipping Guarantee --  With Correct Shipping Address & Phone Number

Making an order is always hassle-free at our online wholesale China store. No more waiting for your order to be packed and shipped, we process and ready your order for shipping as soon as payment has been confirmed to us by Paypal. That means you’ll have be able to receive your package from us sooner than you can expect from our competitors.

6. Friendly Customer Service 365 Days a Year

Whether you need help tracking a package or you’d like confirmation that an order has been completed, our kind and friendly customer service representatives will be there to assist you. Feel free to contact us via E-mail or using our quick and easy customer assistance form at any time.

Q: How do I trace my order after it is shipped?

A: You will receive an email from Tcases as soon as your order has been shipped. In the email you will find a tracking number and/or other relevant tracking information you can use to track your order. The appropriate website(s) you may use to track your order online will be included as well.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

A: Total delivery time may be divided into two parts. First part involves the time it takes to process your order for delivery. This begins from the moment we receive and confirm your payment. The items on your order are then gathered and packaged for pick up by the appropriate shipping carrier. Processing time can take anywhere between 1 to 2 working days (this excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and Chinese non-working holidays). The second part involves the actual time wherein your order is shipped to the destination you requested. This can take anywhere between 3 to 6 days for Expedited Shipping, 6 to 12 days for Standard Shipping, or 10 to 20 business days for Air Mail, depending on the destination. Unless otherwise deemed most fitting by Tcases, items are shipped via Air Mail if you choose the Free Shipping option at checkout. Please refer to our expanded Shipping Information page for more details.